21 dicembre 2017


Digital & Industry 4.0

We support companies in the Industry 4.0 & Digitalization Awareness, Roadmap definition, Piloting and Transformation execution, leveraging our I4.0 framework & maturity model.

Our approach is Value driven, based on a Business Case, looks at the whole Value Chain (R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Procurement, Service), considers the new disruptive Technologies (IOT, Sensors, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud platforms, Embedded Software, Wearables, Augmented Reality, Advanced Analytics, Robotics, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Cyber-security, …), leveraging a network of vendors and relationships and giving relevant attention to the required Cultural, Skills and Organization changes

Supply Chain & Manufacturing performance improvement

Our approach addresses Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Service in an integrated way, leveraging our best practices framework and maturity model.

The approach is focused on Performances improvement and spans from Service Policies, Customer segmentation and Network strategy, to Profit Sales & Operations planning, Digital Plant with Connected assets and workers, End-to-end visibility, Digital Fulfillment, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Control Tower, Collaboration, Supply Chain Governance and Organization and enabling Applications and Technologies

Change management in our approach is mandatory for the success of the Transformation


Service performance improvement

Our approach is focused on the growth of the Customer Service & After Sales busines (Servitization), developing new innovative outcome based services.  The scope includes Total Customer Care, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance enabled by Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence, Connected Field Force, Parts Planning & related Change management and enabling Applications.

Product lifecycle performance improvement

Our approach integrates Innovation in processes, methodologies and tools, together with the ability to align people mindset and behaviour to maximise business results.

The scope spans from Product Standardization and Cost analysis to Lean Engineering/R&D, Manufacturing integration, Digital Mock-up & Twin, Virtual  Commissioning, Product usage analytics, Integrated Project Planning, Mechatronics and PLM applications

Finance performance improvement

Our approach addresses Finance and Control in a innovative way, considering the impact of the new technologies (Digital Finance) and its integration with Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Product lifecycle. The scope includes Integrated Financial Planning, Finance Analytics, Portfolio Investment Management, Compliance and Security of Core Financial Data, alignment of key Financial Data Model with new Business and Process Model

ICT / Digital Technologies roadmap

Our approach is based on the Business priorities and considers the impact of the new Technologies (i.e. Cloud, Big Data, IOT, Cyber-security, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics, Artificial intelligence)

The approach is focused on the integration of Business, Processes and ICT, defining a Business driven ICT dynamic roadmap with different speeds, ensuring the neutrality from the software and technology vendors.

Industry 4.0

Disruptive technologies impact the whole Value Chain (R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Service, Sales&Marketing). We support companies in the Industry 4.0 Roadmap definition, Piloting and Transformation, leveraging our I4.0 framework & maturity model


  • Big Data
  • Sensors / IOT
  • Mobile / Wearables
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud application
  • Virtual / Augmented reality
  • Additive printing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Embedded Software
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity

Use cases

  • Intelligent “sensored” Products
  • Virtual Prototyping / Commissioning
  • Rapid simulation
  • Product usage analytics
  • Demand & Supply Analytics
  • Connected workers / field force
  • Supply Chain&Manufacturing Control Tower
  • Digital warehouse
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Parts&Tools 3D printing
  • Remote diagnostic
  • Connected Products/Assets
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • New connected outcome based services


We support companies in the Digital Transformation


Readiness Assessment

Understanding of business, company values and stakeholders readiness to change, leveraging our framework

Discovery & Ideas

Collect, analyze, rank new business models of the future driven by Digital Environment (Design Thinking)

Organization model

Define the future and choose the model for people, processes and architecture (CDO, Digital Hub)

Digital Journey

Define the plan of the Transformation: what, how, when and resources needed

IT in the Digital World

IT Transformation led by business priorities will impact operating models, people and architecture all at the right cost (Multi-Speed IT).

Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Service

Supply Chain, Service and Manufacturing topics are addressed in an integrated way, leveraging our best practices maturity model

Supply Chain

  • End to end Supply chain governance and visibility
  • Service policies and segmentation
  • Profit Sales & Operations planning
  • Customer driven and automated order to delivery
  • Customer service model (front-end and back-office)
  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Digital Fulfillment (warehousing and transportation)
  • Inventory optimization
  • Customer & Supplier Collaboration
  • Procurement
  • End to end dashboard


  • “Servitization”
  • Connected Field Force optimization
  • Parts logistics
  • Connected Products
  • Maintenance contracts & Total care
  • Outcome based models
  • Preventive and Predictive maintenance
  • Remote diagnostic


  • Connected assets and workers
  • Manufacturing Control Tower
  • Preventive Maintenance (machines and tools)
  • MES & Cloud IOT
  • OEE optimization
  • Lean production
  • Automation & Robotics

Product lifecycle

We integrate  innovation in processes, methodologies and tools, together with the ability to align people mindset to maximise business impacts

Product Development

  • Tear down & Bechmarking
  • Cost analysis
  • Product standardisation
  • Modularisation
  • Requirement management
  • Lean engineering
  • Virtual prototyping & simulation
  • Collaboration with suppliers

Technical data management

  • Project data integration
  • Multi-view BOM
  • Integration with CAD
  • Integrated view with application and software
  • Document management
  • IoT for products

Product Analytics

  • Profitability analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Product usage
  • Performance KPIs

Manufacturing Integration

  • MES and Planning Integration
  • Digital Mock-up
  • New products introduction

Project management

  • Integrated end-to-end  project planning
  • Progress control


Our approach addresses Finance in an integrated way (with Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Product lifecycle) and considers the impact of the new Disruptive technologies over Finance, Planning & Control

  • Key Financial Data Model aligned with Innovative Business and Process Model
  • Finance Analytics
  • Integrated Financial Planning & Control
  • Portfolio Investment Management
  • Cloud Service Model; financial drivers and operative constrains
  • Compliance and Security of Core Financial Data Management

ICT and Digital Technologies

Our approach is driven by Business Priorities and is focused on the integration of Business, Processes and ICT

  • Business driven ICT roadmap
  • Business case
  • New Technologies framework
  • Cloud platforms
  • Multi-speed ICT
  • Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Digital Officer role